I am a client of Compass Counseling Services and I am extremely satisfied. They manage my medicines, and I receive individual counseling from Judy. Judy has been a tremendous positive in my life. I have several issues that I am working on with her. I used to search for people that I could talk to that would give me pity, and pretty much agree with me about whatever was bothering me. It got me nowhere.

Judy gives me solid ideas and tasks to work on that are helping me handle very difficult situations. She is very intuitive and we hit it off from the start. She is also very creative when it comes to approaching problems I have. I think I got the right counselor at the right time. I feel truly ready to change. Change is a difficult thing, but I truly feel that in Judy I have someone who is intelligent, pleasant, and who is on my team. It’s a process, one step at a time, to truly overcome years of behavior that actually wrecked my life. I don’t know how long this is going to take me, but I feel so fortunate to have Judy guiding me through. Chris is handling my medicines and I feel in very good hands. She is very thorough. Even the staff is very pleasant.

I have lived in several states, and so my mental health issues have been handled by several people-doctors and counselors. I highly recommend Judy to anyone out there who is ready to make their life better. I recommend Compass Counseling highly.

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