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Welcome to Compass

Since 2011 Compass Counseling Services, LLC has provided mental health services for children, youth, families, and adults in the Central Florida community. Compass Counseling Services offers a holistic approach to support and meet the mental health needs of individuals of all ages, enabling them to reach their full potential. Our success in being a high-quality mental health provider in the Central Florida community is in part because of the strong connections to community partners who refer clients to our services and engage in care coordination with our team.

Our dedicated team of psychotherapists and psychiatrists has a passion and commitment to providing quality and ethical services so that patients can lead to more fulfilling and healthier lives.

We are here for you!

Our Mission

CCS strives to use a holistic approach to supporting and meeting the mental health needs of individuals of all ages, enabling them to reach their full potential..

Our Vision
Our vision is to see that each patient who comes to CCS receives effective psychological and psychiatric treatment that is strengthened by faith, encouraged by hope, and inspired by love.

Our Values

Professionalism: We are committed to conducting ourselves in a professional and ethical manner.

Commitment: We believe in the people we serve, our vision, and mission. We all have a passion for and commitment to providing quality and ethical services to our clients resulting in healthier lives for our clients.

Compassion: We respect the diverse beliefs, values, experiences, and identities of the clients we serve. We emphasize and promote diversity in our ideas, our workforce, and the services that we provide.

Quality: We emphasize the continued education and development of our employees by providing appropriate training towards the provision of high-quality services.

Integrity: We believe it is our responsibility to be excellent administrators and use in an efficient and effective manner all human, financial, and material resources. We promote that all employees work with the upmost integrity.

Faith: We believe in embracing and respecting the spiritual beliefs of our clients to improve their overall wellbeing: mind, body, and soul.

Hope: We believe in supporting positive changes, in cultivating growth, and promoting an optimistic outlook for a better future for clients, employees, and communities.

Patient’s Reviews

  • Mi experiencia más reciente con la consejería de la brújula ha sido muy útil en mi viaje y adversidad al lidiar con enfermedades mentales El psiquiatra Dr. Roger Rivera tiene un gran conocimiento de las enfermedades mentales y el trastorno de estrés postraumático, ya que sirvió a nuestro país con honores como marino. para servir a aquellas personas que no siempre reciben la ayuda adecuada que necesitan y eso habla mucho considerando mis experiencias con psiquiatras en los últimos 11 años, recomendaría la asesoría de brújula para todas las edades y enfermedades mentales en función del tratamiento y la atención que tengo. recibió. ¡Gracias chicos!

  • ¡El mejor psiquiatra que he sido hasta ahora! Él comprende sus problemas, escucha y se preocupa por su bienestar.

  • Personal profesional, todo el mundo es agradable y agradable.

  • Absolutamente el mejor personal y servicios de asesoramiento que he encontrado. Son compasivos y siempre están ahí para ti cuando los necesitas. Altamente recomendado. A +++++++

  • Soy cliente de Compass Counseling Services y estoy extremadamente satisfecho. Ellos administran mis medicamentos y recibo asesoramiento individual de Judy. Judy ha sido tremendamente positiva en mi vida. Tengo varios problemas en los que estoy trabajando con ella. Solía buscar personas con las que pudiera hablar y que me dieran lástima, y estaba bastante de acuerdo conmigo en lo que fuera que me molestaba. No me llevó a ninguna parte.

    Judy me da ideas sólidas y tareas en las que trabajar y que me ayudan a manejar situaciones muy difíciles. Es muy intuitiva y nos llevamos bien desde el principio. También es muy creativa a la hora de abordar los problemas que tengo. Creo que conseguí el consejero adecuado en el momento adecuado. Me siento realmente listo para cambiar. El cambio es algo difícil, pero realmente siento que en Judy tengo a alguien que es inteligente, agradable y que está en mi equipo. Es un proceso, paso a paso, para superar verdaderamente años de comportamiento que realmente arruinaron mi vida. No sé cuánto tiempo me llevará esto, pero me siento muy afortunado de tener a Judy guiándome. Chris está manejando mis medicamentos y me siento en muy buenas manos. Ella es muy minuciosa. Incluso el personal es muy agradable.

    He vivido en varios estados, por lo que mis problemas de salud mental han sido manejados por varias personas: médicos y consejeros. Recomiendo mucho a Judy a cualquiera que esté listo para mejorar su vida. Recomiendo encarecidamente Compass Counseling.

  • Gran lugar para la evaluación mental.

  • Great place for mental evaluation.

    Pablo, Orlando

  • I am a client of Compass Counseling Services and I am extremely satisfied. They manage my medicines, and I receive individual counseling from Judy. Judy has been a tremendous positive in my life. I have several issues that I am working on with her. I used to search for people that I could talk to that would give me pity, and pretty much agree with me about whatever was bothering me. It got me nowhere.

    Judy gives me solid ideas and tasks to work on that are helping me handle very difficult situations. She is very intuitive and we hit it off from the start. She is also very creative when it comes to approaching problems I have. I think I got the right counselor at the right time. I feel truly ready to change. Change is a difficult thing, but I truly feel that in Judy I have someone who is intelligent, pleasant, and who is on my team. It's a process, one step at a time, to truly overcome years of behavior that actually wrecked my life. I don't know how long this is going to take me, but I feel so fortunate to have Judy guiding me through. Chris is handling my medicines and I feel in very good hands. She is very thorough. Even the staff is very pleasant.

    I have lived in several states, and so my mental health issues have been handled by several people-doctors and counselors. I highly recommend Judy to anyone out there who is ready to make their life better. I recommend Compass Counseling highly.

    Julie, Orlando

  • Absolutely the best staff and counseling services I have ever found. They are compassionate and always there for you when you need them. Highly recommend. A+++++++

    Tracie, Orlando

  • Professional Staff, everyone is nice and pleasant.

    Roger, Orlando

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