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Psychiatric Care and Medication Management

What is Psychiatry?

The American Psychiatric Association states: “Psychiatry is the branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders.”

We offer Psychiatric Services at Compass Counseling to individuals of all ages seeking help with mental health disorders through a holistic approach. The services involving psychiatric treatment and psychological treatment we provide are strengthened by faith, encouraged by the hope and inspired by love, following our vision to help us guide you toward reaching your full potential. The comprehensive integrated treatment with psychiatry and psychology is based on the cornerstones of confidentiality, trust, and active patient participation, while keeping a clear focus on the complex interplay of patient, practitioner, pharmacotherapy, and psychotherapy.

What does it mean for me?
The goal is to eliminate or control disabling or troubling symptoms in order for you to function better. This means getting help to achieve a better quality of life regarding you. The use of medication and therapy can help with symptoms of depression, by taking away or decreasing your symptoms allowing you to enjoy your day to day activities that bring happiness to you. The treatment is not meant to only treat depression, but to give you a better quality of life allowing you to enjoy what is important to you. If depression symptoms, for example, have not allowed you to enjoy sharing time with your friends or family the real goal of the treatment is to allow you to enjoy again sharing time with your friends or family.

What is Medication Management?
Once you have completed your psychiatric evaluation, and you and your doctor have decided that psychopharmacology (medication management) is in your best interest, you will then be provided with psychoeducation (information in regards to how different medications work and possible side effects). You will then be regularly monitored by your doctor to help ensure that your medications are working properly and at are their optimum levels for you. Your prescriptions can be sent to your choice of pharmacy. It is imperative that you follow all medical recommendations and attend all follow-up psychiatric appointments to ensure that you are completely addressing all aspects of your mental health.

Why it is important for me?
It is an effective way to educate and empower you to understand the treatment regimen and its benefits, allowing you to take control of your symptoms to help you reach a better quality of life according to what is important to you. Compass Counseling can guide you toward your full potential enabling you to reach a better quality of life through our holistic approach.

If you are experiencing mental health issues and would like to discuss whether medication is a good option for you, please call our offices at 407-823-8421 or 407-933-1847 for additional information.

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